Ok, but who are you?

Chilean-born, I lived in the southernmost country in the world until I turned 9. At the start of the new millennium, my family and I moved to Bilbao, in the Basque Country. Here I spent my youthful years enjoying this cloudy paradise of pintxos and culture, playing guitar and dreaming of becoming a rockstar someday.

In 2013, I got a degree in Fine Arts and specialized in Audiovisuals. Now I wanted to become a filmmaker! I played around with my camera and did some interesting creations, but soon realized that it wasn't quite what I wanted to do in the long run.

In 2014, I moved to Barcelona and studied Multimedia Design. This is how I started working for small startups and slowly got into UX/Product Design.

Today, I try to bring my passion for Design and my artistic endeavors together by networking and having enriching conversations with artists and designers from all walks of life.

I'm currently working on some personal projects that I hope to be sharing soon!

Curiosity: If I like you enough, you'll someday get to know my full name ;)

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