Hi, how are you?

I'm Javiera, currently a Senior Product Designer at Personio.

I’m based in Barcelona, but I like to move around the globe whenever I have the chance.

I see myself as a maker and a curious creative who enjoys bringing designs to life through research and storytelling .

What I've been up to


At Hopin, I’ve been working with different teams within the Event Organizer tribe, mainly with Campaign Manager (the built-in email tool), Canvas 2.0 (the event page builder tool), and Audiences (the audience CRM).


On November 2019, I joined the TravelPerk. During my time here, I worked with the Trip Support and Payments squads. In the former, I owned the design of Lighthouse, a custom agent workstation for our Customer Care Team, as well as other customer-facing experiences. In the latter, I lead the discovery and design of a new travel credit dashboard.


In the summer of 2019, I started collaborating with RSS.com, the #1, easiest-to-use podcast maker app around. One of my first projects was to do a full rebrand of the platform. Shortly after, I redesigned the landing page, user dashboard, and public podcast page, and also introduced new features to both the dashboard and public podcast page.


Prior to that, I worked at Badi to help improve the experience of seekers (users looking to share a flat in their city of choice) by redesigning the previous search. I also contributed to the general look and feel of the platform by introducing a new illustration style, animations, and micro-interactions.

If you’d like to see more of my work, get in touch to check out my portfolio. Or take a look at some of the links below, where I share some use cases and designs from previous projects.
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